The New SailaDome: Redefining Connectivity with Elegance and Performance


[Italy, June 2023] – SailaWave, a leading innovator in the maritime telecommunications industry, 

is proud to unveil the new SailaDome, a cutting-edge connectivity solution designed to revolutionize

the way we stay connected in an ever-evolving world. With its elegant and luxurious design, global

support, and advanced technical features, the new SailaDome sets a new standard for seamless

connectivity on the open sea.



Seamless Global Connectivity on the Open Sea



No matter where your travels take you, the new SailaDome ensures uninterrupted connectivity with 

its global mobile network support. Designed to work in every country and with every operator in the

world, this powerful device ensures that you are always connected, no matter the location. Stay

productive, stream your favorite content, and keep in touch with loved ones, regardless of borders 

or boundaries.




State-of-the-Art 5G Technology



Powered by state-of-the-art 5G technology, supporting latest 3GPP standard release features, the 

new SailaDome delivers mind-blowing speeds that will leave you in awe. You can seamlessly stream 

4K content, participate in high-definition video conferences, and enjoy lag-free gaming experiences. 

The new SailaDome unlocks the full potential of 5G, ensuring you stay at the forefront of

 technological advancement.




Extended Coverage and Enhanced Throughput



The new SailaDome features a carrier-grade high-gain antenna and automatic switch technology,

 extending coverage area and enhancing throughput. Whether you are sailing far away from shore 

or looking for Internet connectivity in remote rural areas, the new SailaDome guarantees a stable 

and reliable connection. Say goodbye to dead zones and weak signals and experience exceptional

 coverage and blazing-fast speeds for all your connectivity needs.




Elegance Meets Performance



The new SailaDome combines aesthetics and functionality like never before. Its elegant design, 

which won 2022 iF Design Award — the globally recognized symbol of design excellence, seamlessly

 blends with any environment, making it the perfect choice for both distant wilderness and 

sophisticated metropolis. With its sleek curves and premium materials, the new SailaDome not only

 delivers exceptional performance but also enhances the aesthetics of any space.




Join the SailaDome Revolution



The new SailaDome is set to redefine connectivity standards worldwide. Experience the ultimate 

blend of elegance and performance. Whether you’re a professional, a digital nomad, or a tech 

enthusiast, SailaDome Update is the perfect companion for your connected lifestyle.


For more information, please visit or contact



About Sailawave


The inception of SailaWave was brought alive in Europe by an All-Star team. The team consists of 

not only antenna specialists and connectivity technologists but also sailing enthusiasts. And they

 explicitly extend the vision and expertise to the maritime industry. Working closely together, 

the team has remarkably devoted itself to innovating, designing, and engineering. The ultimate 

goal is to build the future of maritime connectivity. 







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